To help you transition to using proxri for more situations, on this page you’ll find links to several evolving guides. Here are quick links, with longer descriptions below.

Six Steps in Deciding How to Proxri

How do you proxri? The homepage gave a brief intro, but here you’ll find six steps you can follow.

How to make it easy for people to proxri you.

Our connected world, where we can reach so many people online and through various apps, makes using proxri possible for many situations. You never know how your efforts might help people. But people may not know how to get in touch with you to thank you and/or reward you, because often, things aren’t really set up for that yet! Here’s a three-step guide for how to make it easy for people to proxri you.

Different Formats for Different Situations

Different situations and proximities will need different kinds of suggested proxri agreements. Here we’ll provide formats for those different kinds of suggested proxri agreements.

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