How to make it easy for people to proxri you.

Our connected world, where we can reach so many people online and through various apps, makes using proxri possible for many situations. You never know how your efforts might help people. But people may not know how to get in touch with you to thank you and/or reward you, because often, things aren’t really set up for that yet! Here’s a three-step guide for how to make it easy for people to proxri you.

1. Provide Level One Proxri Contact Info (More Private and Often, Maybe Enough Info) — When you post, comment or contact people, include some contact info that provides you some privacy. This contact info can be things like your social media handle/username or a website. With your social media username, people can possibly contact you publicly or message you privately. Of course, if you’re posting or commenting on a social site/app, people can click/tap your username or photo and directly get to your social profile and/or contact you. With a website, you can have a contact form for them to get in touch with you. You may be able to post payment options or links on your social page or website as well. Often, these options may be enough for people to proxri you, as they can send many kinds of financial and non-financial proxri with this level one contact info. For example, if their proxri is information-based, they may be able to send it when they contact you or after contacting you. If their proxri is financial, they may be able to send you money via various methods you share publicly or privately, such as payment options and links. Use payment services with good security, where people can be sure it’s really you and they can know you’ll get their proxri of money. When you provide your contact info, try to keep it short, for example: Proxri via [your contact info]. It’s recommended that your ProxMonitor(s) are findable via your social media or website (see step three below for more). 

2. Provide Level Two Contact Info (If Needed) — If needed and/or after some level one connections (above) with someone, you could also provide more direct connections, such as an email, phone number, messaging info, etc. Standard cautions regarding privacy and security on the Internet apply here.

3. Don’t Forget Your ProxMonitor(s) — A ProxMonitor, whether for your life in general, and/or specifically for a situation or situations, helps people know more about your circumstances generally and/or related to specific situations. When they know more about your circumstances, their proxri can be more appropriate and customized. Also, they’ll likely know more about your needs (if you’ve shared your needs), which can really help with non-financial proxri, as they may know something or someone related to your needs! There is no single right way to create your ProxMonitor(s). Here’s an example of a general one, and look for others here as this practice grows. It’s recommended that your ProxMonitor(s) are findable via your social media or website, whether you link or point people towards your ProxMonitor(s), or provide the ProxMonitor(s) in the same place that people can proxri you.

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