Here we’ll provide a list of tools, and also links to blog posts about tools. These will be tools that can be used or adapted, for a proximity that people share, to implement the ProxThink Growth Model (of which proxri are a part). In so doing, these tools can help make proximities more sustainable, full of life, and variety-enhancing. Also, since the sustainable proximities approach is built upon the growth model, some of these may be used for that too, although the tools below do not seem to typically include ways to automatically integrate certain kinds of network, sensing and database technologies which can be part of the sustainable proximities approach.

Here are some of the tools we are considering and reviewing, in no particular order:

  • Quip
  • Google Drive shared documents
  • Dropbox shared folders
  • iWork apps shared via iCloud
  • Facebook pages
  • Google+ … (perhaps in combination with Google Drive)
  • The WordPress theme P2, and its successor O2 when it comes out
  • Wikis
  • Webspiration
  • Collaborative project management software
  • Zoho Pulse
  • Do you have suggestions for others? Let us know.
  • Are you working on a new tool for this?  Let us know.