Individuals Using Proxri

Here we’ll have links to individual people using the ProxThink Growth Model, and especially proxri, whether accepting proxri or rewarding with proxri. If you are one of these people, or know of some of these people, please leave a comment about it, including a link.

Here’s a three-step guide for how to make it easy for people to proxri you. And as it mentions, don’t forget your ProxMonitor(s).

Applying the proxri process to content is coming along …

Of course, the proxri process applied to websites is fairly well-developed. I’ve deployed it on and

Applying it to content is still in the early stages, but is progressing nicely. I’m developing a basic setup for downloadable offerings on These will include a proxri process. Then I’ll use the basics developed there to build out Artdown, which will have more content.

From content to other things like software and apps will be a reasonably short step, at least conceptually.